Thankful for… Day 12

Thankful for both of our jobs – we are so blessed to have good stable jobs that provide a comfortable lifestyle. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of the things in life we’ve always wanted to do, and for that we’re truly blessed. ❤

Thankful for… Days 10-11

I’ve been remiss in my Thankfulness posting, but you’ll have to give me a break as I’ve got both almost 6 week old and injured hubby. =)

Day 10… Thankful for finding a good deal on airfare so my Granddaddy could come visit over Thanksgiving. I don’t get to see him really but once a year when we go to Myrtle Beach, and so I’m really excited for him to come and see Tatum and the rest of his Texas family! ❤ Tatum is super excited to meet her Great-Granddaddy!

Day 11… Thankful for all who have served and continue to serve in our military. We take for granted the freedoms and blessings we have because of those who aren't afraid to risk everything to protect our way of life. I have many friends and family members who have served and I am so grateful to them for all they have put on the line. Thank you so much, and Happy Veteran's Day!! ❤

Thankful for… Day 9

Another frivolous thing to be thankful for, but in all honestly it’s a huge help in my life right now. I’m super thankful for my crockpot. Seriously, with a 5 week old and a husband with a broken foot, it’s absolutely MAJOR for me to be able to throw some food in that thing and VIOLA! 6-7 hours later dinner is ready to eat with a minimum of fuss.

Today I did my Jamaican Jerk Chicken with the spices we brought back from Jamaica earlier this year. I usually pair it with rice and black beans mixed together and it’s oh-so-yummy. The other good thing about crockpots is, LEFTOVERS. I may actually have lunch tomorrow. 😉

Thankful for… Day 8

Thankful for the friends I have made over the last 33 years. Some of these friendships have lasted an entire lifetime for me, others have come and gone throughout the years, but all of them have touched my life in some form or fashion and I’m so happy to have met every single one of them. If someone can be judged by the company they keep, I think I’d score pretty high on that scale. Thanks everyone, for being awesome. ❤

Thankful for…. Day 7

Thankful for caffeine…. That is all 😉

Thankful for…. Day 6

Having a hard time thinking of something today – over a month of a bunch of middle of the night feedings with a newborn will scramble your brain. So I think today I’ll be thankful for sleep – what precious little I get nowadays. In fact, I think as soon as I feed her again I’m going off to hit the sack myself.

9pm bedtime…. who’d a thunk it?

Thankful for… Day 5

Even though I absolutely hate it sometimes, I’m thankful for Facebook. It allows me to keep in touch with so many friends and family from all over the country and I wouldn’t be able to do that really easily without it. I’m able to share pictures of our beautiful daughter with all those who love us with a touch of a button, wish people Happy Birthday, and even sell my crafts! It’s kind of an amazing invention.

However, I’m not knocking the fact that Facebook is totally annoying at times. It is. I just appreciate it for what it does for me. =)

Thankful for Day 4

I am always always thankful for my parents, but the last few weeks between caring for a newborn and Wade breaking his foot, my parents have been an absolute godsend. I just would not have survived without them. They’ve helped a ton with Tatum, driven Wade to and from work, and fixed us meals. I can’t even begin to thank them enough.


Thankful for…. Day 3


Every day I am so thankful for my husband – not only has he been just a super supportive hubby, and (now!) Daddy, but I am blessed to be able to call him my best friend. We’ve been together over 9 years now, and married for over 7, and every day just keeps getting better and better. Not everyone gets to say they’ve found their soulmate, and I’m thankful that it’s something that we have together. ❤

A November of Thankfulness <3

Going to try to do my yearly thankfulness routine for the month of November. I missed yesterday so here goes two!

Nov 1 – Thankful for an easy pregnancy, an uneventful birth, a healthy and beautiful baby girl, and the blessing we’ve waited for a long long time.

Nov 2- Thankful for the Pandora Radio Lullaby station that’s currently keeping that little blessing from screaming.

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