Thankful for… Day 27

Thankful for the opportunity to be with family today, and of course thankful for all the food!!! Gobble till ya wobble!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Behind yet again, Thankful for… Days 15, 16, 17

Whew! It’s been kind of a crazy weekend, which is funny because being on maternity leave I don’t really do anything but play with Tatum and keep her fed and happy, and also carve out a few hours a day for working from home and chores. =)

Day 15…

Thankful for the time I had with my dog Aspen, who passed away a couple weeks ago at the age of 14. Her passing was (and still is) really hard on me, as I’ve had her since she was six weeks old and she’s been with me through a good portion of my life. I’m really thankful for the awesome memories I have with her and that she managed to touch so many lives and introduce me to so many awesome people during her short time here on earth. True story, if I didn’t have Aspen, I would never have met Wade and never would have the amazing family we have right now. I owe her so much, and I hope she’s at peace. RIP Aspen. ❤


Day 16…

Thankful for really patient photographers who take the time to happily take family photos that include TWO six week old babies and a 3 year old toddler (Not to mention the 63 year old man who acts like a toddler….DAD!) *grin* I’m really looking forward to our Christmas cards this year, I think they’re going to be amazing, and I’m really excited to have a picture of our entire family together, as I know my mom is too. ❤ Thanks to Mary Cyrus Photography here in Dallas, TX!

Day 17…

Thankful for this contraption:


It’s called a MamaRoo swing, and while they normally sell for $300 in stores, I scored one on a local Facebook garage sale group for $50 in like new condition. This thing is saving my life a couple hours at a time and it’s absolutely amazing. THANK YOU MAMAROO!! ❤

Thankful for… Days 10-11

I’ve been remiss in my Thankfulness posting, but you’ll have to give me a break as I’ve got both almost 6 week old and injured hubby. =)

Day 10… Thankful for finding a good deal on airfare so my Granddaddy could come visit over Thanksgiving. I don’t get to see him really but once a year when we go to Myrtle Beach, and so I’m really excited for him to come and see Tatum and the rest of his Texas family! ❤ Tatum is super excited to meet her Great-Granddaddy!

Day 11… Thankful for all who have served and continue to serve in our military. We take for granted the freedoms and blessings we have because of those who aren't afraid to risk everything to protect our way of life. I have many friends and family members who have served and I am so grateful to them for all they have put on the line. Thank you so much, and Happy Veteran's Day!! ❤

Thankful for… Day 5

Even though I absolutely hate it sometimes, I’m thankful for Facebook. It allows me to keep in touch with so many friends and family from all over the country and I wouldn’t be able to do that really easily without it. I’m able to share pictures of our beautiful daughter with all those who love us with a touch of a button, wish people Happy Birthday, and even sell my crafts! It’s kind of an amazing invention.

However, I’m not knocking the fact that Facebook is totally annoying at times. It is. I just appreciate it for what it does for me. =)


I’ve gotten ridiculously into ancestry and genealogy the last few days and at some point I’m going to have to set time limits on this stuff as preggie women have to sleep at some point.

At first I started out all willy nilly all over the place until I decided I needed a “method” for dealing with the loads of information available to me. I decided to concentrate on one branch at a time, follow the male line and then move on to the spouses after is exhausted the male. So far it’s slow going but that seems to be working well!!

Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on the Houff line (my maternal grandfather’s line). There’s some roadblocks there, but I did follow the Houff name back to Germany which I was pleased with! There’s a lot more in my way with the Duke line (maternal grandmother) so that will require some time.

Worked on the Hanchar line (my husband’s father) today at Wade’s request. The actual Hanchar name I couldn’t get terribly far back on, but Wade’s Dad’s Mother’s line I followed all the way back to Richard II King of Scotland.

There’ll be no living with Wade now, and he claims this makes Tatum “all but royalty” *grin*

I have a box of papers and photographs from my Dad for following the Hastings side, but I’ll probably save that for this weekend when I have more time to dig and sort through it.

Anyone out there in interwebz land have any suggestions for helpful places to look for info? I’m using right now but haven’t delved much into the other resources available out there!!!

More fishes!!!



Two of my four for the evening. These things can suck a worm off a hook in less than 5 seconds… I need to find dumber fish.

Here’s the third!! The first one was too paltry to take a picture of 😉


Red, White, and Bluegills

Happy Fourth of July y’all!!!! ❤


Because nothing says “America” like killing some worms 😉

Christmas in November


Wade and I have never had a Christmas tree before because of the pets, and after last year when our house remained undecorated for the holidays, I put my foot down. We were going to buy a tree and make it work!

We picked out a really pretty flocked tree with pine cones at the after-Christmas sales at Garden Ridge, brought it home, and I’ve been waiting nearly a year to put it up. I love all things Christmas – it’s always been my favorite holiday both with all my memories spending it with family and also the fun we all had decorating the house. Wade and I were both concerned with how Checkers (our cat) would deal with the tree, so we decided we’d put it up early with NO ornaments and see how it went.

I’ve been excitedly collecting awesome vintage ornaments and other decorations to go with my vintage/farmhouse look I’d created in my head, and I couldn’t wait any longer so we decided we’d go ahead and start our “test week” yesterday.

Putting the tree together was fairly painless, except for the flocking which was blowing through the air like snow in our living room. We ended up rearranging some of the furniture to make it fit nicely, and decided we liked the new arrangement better anyway! We were off to a good start!


My first bump in the road was the gorgeous angel I had bought for the top of the tree. She had lovely burlap skirts and was holding a little bird nest. I put her up on the top of the tree and… crap… she didn’t sit up there very well. I messed with her and messed with her and almost knocked the tree over and it became very plain to me it wasn’t going to work… Angel and I had to break up =(. I quickly came up with a plan B using my high-school florist job skills and some really pretty ribbon my friend had scored for us. I think the bow looks fantastic. =)


Added my custom burlap tree skirt and WHAM, we’re in business!

Then… we waited. Didn’t take long….


She just can’t resist something I don’t want her to mess with.

She chewed it a few times, messed around it a bit, and then settled down – luring me to a false sense of security before I went to bed…


This morning I wake up to use the bathroom and hear a funny tree-like scratching on the wall (the tree is on the other side of the wall from our master bathroom). I rush out to the living room and Checkers bolts out from under the tree. My tree skirt is rumpled up into a little ball to the side of the tree and I have no idea what she was doing under there to get it like that. The good news is the tree is still standing so I don’t think she tried to climb it…

So I brought out the trusty ol’ scat mat from retirement, put my tree skirt back, and put the scat mat over top of it. She remembers the mat, and so far she’s avoided the tree and the skirt like the plague…. so far….


We also put up the stocking holder I got at the flea market yesterday – I totally love it and it keeps me from having to worry about the cat pulling the stockings/stocking holders down off the mantle and hurting herself or chipping the tile!


I think it’s coming together very well, don’t you?


And my final little score from the antique mall yesterday – I love this reindeer and he’s just the thing for my dining room table!! Can’t wait to finish putting up the rest of my decorations! Working on making my wreath today so I’m sure there will be more pictures later!!

Weekend Wanderings…

We had a good weekend – filled, but not overfilled, with good times.  =)

First up, took my niece to a pumpkin patch near the house – got some GREAT shots, until I happened to look down about 30 minutes in and realized I hadn’t put a card in the camera.  *sigh*  I did manage to get a few AFTER I put a card in, but I could kick myself, such a rookie mistake!

IMG_4942-MIX IMG_4966


After the pumpkin patch, Wade and I had our new front door installed.  We’ve really been wanting a new one, as our old one was solid and let no light into the front of the house whatsoever.  We got a great deal on this one and we’re really happy with it.  Our house is SO much more inviting now, and the front of the house is so much lighter!  Really excited about it – the only thing we have left to do is paint it!

photo 1


And today I carved my Halloween pumpkin.  =)  Every year I try to carve a different design – last year I did a really cool carousel horse and was having a hard time deciding what to do this year.  Went with a neat cat design, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  Now I just need to convince mom to come over and do trick or treating with me since Wade and Dad are going to the University of North Texas football game!

photo 2 photo 3


Really enjoyed a nice low-key weekend at home, and hoping for a nice low-key week.  =)

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