My gardens are kinda a big deal… ;-)

This week my gardens got featured on another Murphy Blogger’s site – and I’m loving it!  =)  or direct to the post:

My plumerias are doing so well this year – I have three in full bloom and another three ready to pop out any day – plus all of my cuttings survived the harsh winter and seem to be doing really well so next year I should have a serious bloomfest going on!

My specialty seems to have turned into container gardening – most everything I have is in pots spread throughout the patio and yard – it’s a lot easier to take care of and the plants seem to do better than in this crappy clay soil we have here!


IMG_2311 IMG_2335 photo

It’s a picture kind of day – so I’m filling mine with a couple shots from my recent trip to Virginia, and an old favorite from my home state…. Texas.  =)

The little things in life

One of the things I learned from my scuba diving instructor has bled over into my everyday life. Appreciate the smaller things in life. Whenever we dive together, he is always looking into the little crevices, around the coral, and in the sand, and he always finds the neatest little things that would normally go unnoticed.

I have always enjoyed finding the beauty in the little things. For instance, where some see an old, dilapidated barn – I see color, history, and rugged beauty.


And this tiny hummingbird that graced our yard yesterday…. What do YOU see?


He’s a busy little guy – but he sure did love our esperanza!

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