Thankful for… Day 27

Thankful for the opportunity to be with family today, and of course thankful for all the food!!! Gobble till ya wobble!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Thankful… Day 26

Thankful today for the cool hobby that I seem to have a talent for! Making custom jewelry is a nice stress reliever for me, and I love working with all the different materials to make that special piece for someone. It’s not fancy jewelry like silver or gold, but it makes people smile and that makes me happy! My current favorite to work with is Czech glass, I just love the look and feeling and the bold beautiful colors and designs.

If you’d like, give me a visit at:

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Vintages Texas Etsy


More fishes!!!



Two of my four for the evening. These things can suck a worm off a hook in less than 5 seconds… I need to find dumber fish.

Here’s the third!! The first one was too paltry to take a picture of 😉


And now I shall flood your computer with adorableness….

Who has the cutest dogs ever?  (And the MOST well-behaved?)  Well, I DO, of course!  😉  Merry Christmas from….. THE DOGLETS!!!

Hanchar-8 Hanchar-10 Hanchar-15 Hanchar-19 Hanchar-20 Hanchar-21


And just in case you absolutely MUST see all the rest… Here’s the link!

Special thanks to Sarah Cranmer Photography!!!

New Pumpkins

Acquired some new pumpkins this weekend – not like that will be a surprise to anyone.

First off is my carving pumpkin for the year, and isn’t he HUGE and handsome?  I’ve got to decide what kind of design is worthy of such an awesome pumpkin – but I have a week or so to figure it out!

photo 1

Then I have my little baby pumpkins – I love the ones in the back.  A good friend of mine gave me the little carved gourd, and I am totally enamored with him!

photo 2


And this is my new antique mall pumpkin find!  I think he looks a little “Nightmare Before Christmas” but I think he’s original and neato anyway. 😉

photo 3 photo 4

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