“New Year, New ???”

I’ve never been one to stick to New Year Resolutions, but this year, there were a few things that I’ve been meaning to accomplish that just kind of came to a head right around the beginning of January.  The one “resolution” I made will be kept a secret, because then if I fail at it, it’s just a personal failure, not a public one.  These other two things that have been on my mind I prefer to call “life changes”.

First and foremost, on everyone’s to-do list every year, is fitness.  I’ve been noticing that since I turned 30 a couple years ago, my metabolism hasn’t exactly been my best friend anymore, and I’ve developed this unpleasant thing around my midsection I’ll refer to as “The Muffin”.

Not trying to be snotty, or brag, but honestly I’ve never had to deal with “The Muffin” before.  The concept is kind of foreign to me.  All through my childhood up through my teens I carried around a stick-like appearance that earned me the nickname of “Twiggy” in high school, and in my 20’s I was always on the thinner side of average (but I was also a LOT more active.)  “The Muffin” has me running scared.

My two main problems with “The Muffin” are motivation and commitment.  I have a hard time getting motivated to exercise as I usually don’t get home from work until 7pm or later, and once I do find some sort of routine I generally don’t stick with it very long.  So this time I’ve tried bribing myself with a gadget – the Fitbit Force.  We’ll see if I can snap my rear into gear when I can see “real time” how I’ve been doing during the day.

My second goal for the year is to cook more meals at home.  Again, my problems here are that I don’t get home until 7pm, so it’s hard to cook an entire meal and get it on the table at a reasonable eating time, and also that I lack the motivation to plan meals out so I rarely deviate from the same standard 4 fall-back meals that I always make.


I noticed on one of my “deal of the day” emails I always get a website that does your meal planning for you called “nomoretogo.com”.  We didn’t end up going with that one, but instead one called FoodontheTable.com – where you can customize a little more with what proteins you like and how you like to cook.  So far I get a meal plan every week in my email inbox on Friday, complete with a grocery store list in the app, and I LOVE IT.  Hopefully I can keep this trend going!

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