More fishes!!!



Two of my four for the evening. These things can suck a worm off a hook in less than 5 seconds… I need to find dumber fish.

Here’s the third!! The first one was too paltry to take a picture of 😉



Red, White, and Bluegills

Happy Fourth of July y’all!!!! ❤


Because nothing says “America” like killing some worms 😉

Our new little friend from our walk tonight!


Going Dry…

We’ve had a long, hot, dry summer and it’s really starting to become very obvious that the drought is really bad news. Yet, I still see people watering on the wrong days, or watering the sidewalk, the street, the driveway….


This is Lake Lavon on my way out to Princeton this morning… These tree stumps used to be covered by many feet of water – now there’s hardly any water covering them at all. This is our reservoir, and it’s quickly being reduced to almost nothing… Scary to think what lies ahead if we don’t get some rain, and soon!

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