I think we’re in the clear….

I can’t even express how tickled pink I am that Aspen is doing so so well.  It’s a little harder for her in the mornings, but that’s the arthritis and it’s been that way for a while now.  She’s actually trotting to go outside and come back in, we took a little 1/4 mile walk the other day she seemed to enjoy, and she’s almost back to eating like her old self again.  Funny thing is, she’s only really keen on the Honest Kitchen foods, which is fine by me at the moment.  Whatever mama wants, mama is going to get at this point.  She’s taking her meds eagerly in the pill pockets, and this afternoon actually grabbed a toy to play with Derby just a little bit.

It’s really nice to see her so far along on the path to getting better, especially after being so close to losing her.  She’s actually sleeping by my chair as I type this right now, having INSISTED that she needed in our bedroom.  She actually considered jumping on our bed before I convinced her the floor was probably a better idea (there’s no way she’d make that jump).

Bought some of the Honest Kitchen Pro-Bloom (Goat’s Milk) and made a little batch for her, Derby and the cat (Checkers) to try – it was a pretty enthusiastic four paws up from Aspen and Derby, and maybe a two paws up from Checkers (maybe it’s because it wasn’t in a 24k gold dish delivered by her manservant, I don’t know).

Not only all that, but the weather is GORGEOUS here this weekend. Things are looking up all around!  Yay!

Final Aspen update for a while!

For those of you following the Aspen saga, she’s doing really really well!  She’s been eating 3-4 times a day, taking all her meds, and generally perking up more and more each day!  I started weaning her back ON her arthritis supplements last night in addition to all her other meds, and she’s doing really well with those so far too!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your kind words of support and prayers.  It’s been a rough couple weeks for all of us, but we’re in the home stretch and feeling great about it!!!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL New Year!!!

If you haven’t heard enough about Aspen yet…

Here’s another update 😉

Aspen is doing REALLY WELL!  I’m trying to remain cautiously excited, but it’s really looking good for her right now!  I’ve gotten almost en entire can of food in her today and she’s kept it down.  She’s also kept down all her meds and homeopathics and a bunch of coconut water.  She’s still not doing very well with her limp, but she’s got really bad arthritis, and honestly that was troubling for her even before the bout with pancreatitis, so I’m not really concerned about the limping.  =)  It does seem much better in the afternoons about an hour or two after her dose of arnica, so I’m thinking that’s probably really helping her out!

I spent some time out in the backyard working on winterizing the garden (I know, I know, Winter is almost over) and she found herself a nice little sunny spot in the yard and lounged around for a bit watching what I was doing.  She really seemed to enjoy her time outside, and I was really happy to see her sunning herself.

I know, realistically in the grand scheme of things, she probably doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of time left in this world, but I’m so happy to have been granted some more time with her and that she’s feeling good enough to enjoy it.  Thank you so much everyone for your prayers for her – it’s been a rough road, and though we’re not out of the woods yet, I can see the clearing through the trees!!!

An Encouraging Monday Update


Some good news to report!!! Miss Aspen seems to be improving!!

She ate almost a full 13oz can of food today (2 spoonfuls at a time) and the last two meals she ate almost entirely directly out of the bowl! I’ve been “chasing” each meal with a spoonful or two of plain non-fat yogurt and so far everything has stayed down!

I did add some homeopathic remedies for pain and nausea to the mix today. I dissolved them in some coconut water and syringe fed them to her twice today and they really seemed to give her a boost in the right direction! I’d read that for dehydration, coconut water is better than regular water, so I’ve been giving her syringes full of that a few times today and plan on continuing that until she’s drinking on her own a little more regularly. I did see her take a few licks from the water bowl today, which is also totally awesome!

Keep those prayers coming – they’re working!!!! ❤

Sunday Aspen Update


Miss Aspen has been hanging in there today. We had a really rough morning… So rough, in fact, Wade and I had purchased an urn for her and were getting ready to take her to the vet :-(. Right before we left I let her go outside with Derby and then tried to feed her. One last effort to get her to eat. And she must be one tough cookie because damned if she didn’t take a few licks of food out of the spoon I offered her. Then a few licks of non-fat plain yogurt.

That urn may be a beautiful tribute to her, but she’s not ready for it quite yet.

She kept that food down, and slept a few hours. I gave her two of her meds in a pill pocket around 5:30pm, and she actually ate it out of my hand instead of me jamming it down her throat. I waited about an hour then offered her two more heaping spoons of food and then some yogurt. She ate most of that and kept it all down. Around 9:30 tonight I gave her her last two pills, again she ate the pill pocket out of my hand. Woot!!! We finished up with another little bit of food (she actually took one small bite out of the actual bowl instead of licking it off the spoon!) and some yogurt. I’ve been sitting with her and she seems to be keeping that down too.

She seems to get stressed when we leave her alone so we’ve been staying real close today and I plan on staying that way the next couple days.

Please keep her in your prayers! I’m hoping she’ll get past all this and enjoy a little more of life before it’s time!! ❤

Aspen Update for Saturday

Wellll, I wish pancreatitis was a simple, quick fix, but unfortunately it’s not.

We had our appointment last night for more fluids and her injectable medications, and she has been looking pretty good.  Up, moving around, alert, etc.

About 4am she woke me up whining and grunting, and I assumed she needed to go to the bathroom – I mean, with 1000ml of fluids on board a 29lb dog, who wouldn’t need to go to the bathroom??  Out she went, and yes she did need to go, but that didn’t stop her from whining over and over when she came back in.  I figured she was just hungry, since she’d had nothing to eat or drink (fluids only) for about 2 and a half days, and as I laid there in bed and listened to her wander around whining I hoped fervently that the vet would look at her during her recheck this morning and proclaim her cured enough to start eating.

8am this morning, we were back to the vet for her recheck.  Her hydration is great, her pain level seems to have lowered exponentially, and she’s walking about pretty good!  The vet worked out a plan with her medications and food with me, and I was free to go and give her 2 spoons of canned I/D ( I hate that crap, but if that’s what they wanted her to have, that’s what she’d get) per hour for the first day.

Got her up to work with me, cracked open a can of I/D and….. nothing.  Not interested at all.

I let her think on that for a little bit, and then went and got a can of her senior out of the car that I’d brought with me.  Two spoons of that….. not interested.

I tried begging, I tried hand feeding, I tried everything.  No dice.

About an hour later I was able to get her to eat just a tiny bit by actually opening her mouth and putting it on her tongue.  She still won’t eat the I/D (smart girl, I guess, that stuff is awful) but I finally just a little bit ago got her to eat the entire two spoons of her senior food by putting it in my hand and letting her lick it off.  I also have some chicken broth and some of the crockpot chicken at home that I’ll try later this evening if she still won’t eat on her own.

I have a feeling this road to recovery is going to be a long one.  =(  Still, thankful that the rest of her seems to be doing really well!


Aspen Update

It’s been a week of ups and downs for Miss Aspen, starting with the emergency clinic on Sunday where we found out she has pancreatitis, then to the regular vet Monday, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  She would perk up, then go back downhill, then perk up, then back down again.

Starting yesterday we began a regimen of fluids and injectable meds 2 times a day.  She seems to be perking up, so I’m hoping it’s a trend!!!  ❤

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