Weekend Wanderings…

We had a good weekend – filled, but not overfilled, with good times.  =)

First up, took my niece to a pumpkin patch near the house – got some GREAT shots, until I happened to look down about 30 minutes in and realized I hadn’t put a card in the camera.  *sigh*  I did manage to get a few AFTER I put a card in, but I could kick myself, such a rookie mistake!

IMG_4942-MIX IMG_4966


After the pumpkin patch, Wade and I had our new front door installed.  We’ve really been wanting a new one, as our old one was solid and let no light into the front of the house whatsoever.  We got a great deal on this one and we’re really happy with it.  Our house is SO much more inviting now, and the front of the house is so much lighter!  Really excited about it – the only thing we have left to do is paint it!

photo 1


And today I carved my Halloween pumpkin.  =)  Every year I try to carve a different design – last year I did a really cool carousel horse and was having a hard time deciding what to do this year.  Went with a neat cat design, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  Now I just need to convince mom to come over and do trick or treating with me since Wade and Dad are going to the University of North Texas football game!

photo 2 photo 3


Really enjoyed a nice low-key weekend at home, and hoping for a nice low-key week.  =)

New Pumpkins

Acquired some new pumpkins this weekend – not like that will be a surprise to anyone.

First off is my carving pumpkin for the year, and isn’t he HUGE and handsome?  I’ve got to decide what kind of design is worthy of such an awesome pumpkin – but I have a week or so to figure it out!

photo 1

Then I have my little baby pumpkins – I love the ones in the back.  A good friend of mine gave me the little carved gourd, and I am totally enamored with him!

photo 2


And this is my new antique mall pumpkin find!  I think he looks a little “Nightmare Before Christmas” but I think he’s original and neato anyway. 😉

photo 3 photo 4

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