An Encouraging Monday Update


Some good news to report!!! Miss Aspen seems to be improving!!

She ate almost a full 13oz can of food today (2 spoonfuls at a time) and the last two meals she ate almost entirely directly out of the bowl! I’ve been “chasing” each meal with a spoonful or two of plain non-fat yogurt and so far everything has stayed down!

I did add some homeopathic remedies for pain and nausea to the mix today. I dissolved them in some coconut water and syringe fed them to her twice today and they really seemed to give her a boost in the right direction! I’d read that for dehydration, coconut water is better than regular water, so I’ve been giving her syringes full of that a few times today and plan on continuing that until she’s drinking on her own a little more regularly. I did see her take a few licks from the water bowl today, which is also totally awesome!

Keep those prayers coming – they’re working!!!! ❀

Sunday Aspen Update


Miss Aspen has been hanging in there today. We had a really rough morning… So rough, in fact, Wade and I had purchased an urn for her and were getting ready to take her to the vet :-(. Right before we left I let her go outside with Derby and then tried to feed her. One last effort to get her to eat. And she must be one tough cookie because damned if she didn’t take a few licks of food out of the spoon I offered her. Then a few licks of non-fat plain yogurt.

That urn may be a beautiful tribute to her, but she’s not ready for it quite yet.

She kept that food down, and slept a few hours. I gave her two of her meds in a pill pocket around 5:30pm, and she actually ate it out of my hand instead of me jamming it down her throat. I waited about an hour then offered her two more heaping spoons of food and then some yogurt. She ate most of that and kept it all down. Around 9:30 tonight I gave her her last two pills, again she ate the pill pocket out of my hand. Woot!!! We finished up with another little bit of food (she actually took one small bite out of the actual bowl instead of licking it off the spoon!) and some yogurt. I’ve been sitting with her and she seems to be keeping that down too.

She seems to get stressed when we leave her alone so we’ve been staying real close today and I plan on staying that way the next couple days.

Please keep her in your prayers! I’m hoping she’ll get past all this and enjoy a little more of life before it’s time!! ❀

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